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Anaconda Fire Department
Ambulance Membership Program

Common Questions About the Ambulance Subscription Program


What is the Ambulance Subscription Program?


No one should hesitate to call an ambulance during an emergency. When seconds count, the care you receive may save your life. If you are worried about the potential cost of ambulance service, give yourself and your family peace of mind with the Anaconda Fire membership program. The membership program protects you against unexpected bills for emergency and medically necessary ambulance transport provided by the Anaconda Fire Department in and around the City of Anaconda. If you do need to call an ambulance, there are no complicated claim forms to complete. The program runs annually from July through June. You can become a member of the program anytime during the year and the fee is the same regardless of when you enroll. All memberships will start July 1 and expire the following June 30. The benefits of membership program also extend to the community. When you invest in the program, your dollars stay in Anaconda and support the Anaconda Fire Department’s comprehensive emergency fire and medical response system. Your participation in the program helps save lives by providing advanced medical training and lifesaving equipment for our first responders.



The Ambulance Subscription Program is a voluntary program designed to allow Anaconda Deer Lodge County residents to protect themselves from out-of-pocket expenses related to emergency care provided by Anaconda Fire Department.


In the event you need an ambulance to respond to an emergency, your private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid information will be collected and billed. However, if you participate in this subscription plan and you have paid your annual fee, you will not be financially responsible for any charges that are not covered by your insurance in the situations described below.

How do I pay for the membership?  

An annual cost of $105.00 ensures that all members of your household are covered from July1 1 to June 30th; this must be renewed annually in December of each year (review these dates). You can pay your fee by completing the enclosed form and returning it to PO Box 2458, Eureka, MT 59917.


What does the membership fee cover?


Subscription membership protects you and your family from any out-of-pocket expenses related to treatment and emergency ambulance transportation for situations that occur within the boundaries of Anaconda Deer Lodge County Ambulance coverage area.   You must have Private Insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid to be eligible for the program. Your insurance will be billed after a transport, and any allowed charges that are not paid by your policy will be written off by ADLC Ambulance with no further charges to you. Please note that if your insurance denies the charges as non-covered due to policy exclusions or lack of medical necessity, you will be responsible for payment in full regardless of this subscription.


Do I get a member identification card once I join the Subscription Program?


No.  Early in the development of the Ambulance Subscription Program we realized that using a card would cause problems in emergencies when someone might attempt to find the card before requesting help.  Your subscription membership is confirmed by the name, address, and date of birth you provide on your application form.  We will confirm your membership in the subscription office when we receive the paramedic report forms one to two days after the emergency.


Who do I call if I have a medical emergency?


9-1-1 is always the number to call in an emergency.  The Fire Department office phone number is for administrative questions only.


What happens if I’m not a Subscription member and I use the paramedic service?


Whether or not you are a Subscription member, you will always receive the highest level of emergency treatment and transportation.   As a non-subscription member, however, you will be billed for the services.  Our third-party billing company: Pinter Billing, will bill your insurance company but you will be responsible for any unpaid balance.  Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that your insurance will pay in full for the treatment that you received.





Does the Ambulance Subscription Program cover transportation from my house to my doctor’s office, or trips such as from a hospital to my home, or from a hospital to another hospital?


Your Ambulance Subscription membership is for emergency transports only, from a Fire District location to an emergency receiving hospital.  The types of non-emergency transports such as those stated in the question can be provided by any ambulance company provider, it will not be covered by your Ambulance Subscription membership.

Why do I need to join if I already have medical insurance?

When Anaconda Fire charges for treatment and transportation, there is no guarantee that your insurance company will cover the charges.  The charges may be denied or only partially paid, or your deductible or cap limit may result in an unpaid balance for which you are responsible.  As an Ambulance Subscription member, you don’t have those worries since you are not responsible for any out-of-pocket costs.  Being a subscriber gives you peace of mind in not having to worry whether your insurance will pay the medical bill.  The $105 annual fee is only a fraction of most insurance companies’ deductibles.  More importantly, the high level of service that we receive in our county is due to the increased funding available through the Ambulance Subscription Program.   

Why doesn’t Ambulance Subscription Program bill my insurance plan?


The Ambulance Subscription Program is not an insurance company – we are a provider of services.   To provide the current level of emergency service to the community we must attempt to recover the costs associated with the treatment and transportation.  Through the monies collected through treatment and transportation charges, as well as membership fees, the current system of pre-hospital emergency services in our community is greatly enhanced beyond General Fund support.  The Ambulance Subscription Program currently will support our ALS/BLS transport program, three dedicated fire district ambulances and ambulance personnel, additional equipment, training, and supplies.  The monies from membership and insurance plans will allow us to have a better emergency medical services system, and a healthier community.  


This plan provides for emergency care and transport within the boundaries of Anaconda Fire Department.


News Coverage

Fire Chief News_edited.jpg


February 14th, 2022

The Anaconda Fire Department has recently hired Fire Chief Erick Brittain. Chief Brittain has 26 years of firefighting experience and 22 years as a paramedic. Chief Brittain officially started his position at the AFD January 10th, 2022.

LLS Firefighter Stair Climb

March 13th, 2022

Firefighters Loy Bink and Jer Arvish are once again raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphona Society (LLS) stair climb on March 13th. All funds raised will go towards the society and helping a great cause. To donate, please visit or call Firefighter Bink at 406-490-2490 and Firefighter Arvish at 406-560-4799

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